Learn more about the air and furnace filters

There are lots of things that you have to replace in your home but when it comes to choose heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC system, it is simpler than choosing other items you have to replace in your home. There are no lots of choices in styles and designs to be made and it is very simple to buy one for your home. But many choices come in buyer’s mind when it comes to choosing filter for AC and furnace.  People may find it a daunting task and they get confused while choosing a filter.  There are many types of filters are available in market that serve the different purposes. In this guide, we have tried to make it easier for you to understand the importance and utility of various kinds of filters.  There are lots of methods that help you choose the right one for your home. You should contact HVAC contractor in order to get the more details about the right filter, he will suggest you the various amazing tips to make the selection of filters easily.


First of all you need to understand the utility and importance of a filter. These filters are quite important and affect your health directly. Filters are required to reduce the exposure to polluted or unhealthy air particles in your home. You can find many types of air particles that come from dust (candle burning, cooking and many more) and you breathe it. Indoor air may be more polluted than outdoor air and it may cause breathing or respiratory problems. These polluted or dust particles directly enter in your lungs and make you sick.

Apart from dust particles, some allergens are also available in air that may be harmful for health. You need an efficient air filter to improve the quality of life and get rid of asthma and allergy. Filters are designed to protect fans and furnaces to hold up the better furnace. Best and quality filter does not mean for expensive and you can get premium quality filter even in pocket friendly price.

There are some popular air filters that you can choose from including:

The electrostatic air filters

These are the commonly used filters in home AC system and furnace. It works on static energy and removes up to 95% pollutants, dust particles and allergens.

The Pleated air filters

This is also used in common filter purposes in home to fulfill the air filtration need. It offers better air flow within your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

The HEPA Air Filter

If you are looking for the higher level of air quality then you should rely on these high efficiency particle arresting filters.

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How to keep home a healthier place for you

Many people suffer from allergic problems that may arise from air pollutants. If you are looking to clean your air and environment, then you should look for the air filters.

 What is air filter?

This is a device that is designed to remove solid particulates from the air. This is composed of fibrous material to remove pollen, dust, bacteria and mould from environment.

How does it work?

Air filter contains catalyst or an absorbent to remove gaseous pollutants and odors to improve the quality of air.

Where air filters are used?

These are basically used where quality of air is very important such as in engines and building ventilation system.


How frequently should you change your AC air filter?

Many people find it difficult to secure their AC and heating systems in different seasons. This can be done easily with the help of air filter. You should change AC air filter and heating air filter too. Changing furnace air filter is important as it maintain the proper performance or function of HVAC system. You should know how often change furnace air filter and AC air filter.

When to change furnace or AC air filters?

Well, it is not so much tricky, you can change air filters when you find them dirty. This is also depend on several factors that include type of AC filter for your system need, quality of air in your area, your pets, number of people in your home, general pollutants in your city,  and many more. Many appliances need air filter to change within two months but this is not applicable to all systems. If you have no pets and 2-3 people in home then you can change them yearly but if you have pets that cause allergies and many people in home then you are suggested to change air filters within a month.

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Choose the right filter for your furnace

You might be wondering how to choose right filter. There are lots of factors that decide the right filter. These factors include budget, filter type, attentiveness about changing fitter. The MERV scale vary from one to sixteen and many residential filters range from MERV 4 to 12.Many furnace manufacturers prefer a fiberglass filter with minimum efficiency reporting value 2 as these spun filters are enough to protect the furnace by filtering out large particle during maximum airflow.

Airflow is critical to maintain as it helps get efficiency and maximum life from the heat exchanger and blower motor. You can also look for an inexpensive filter with 4 MERV to capture eighty percent particle (fifty micron or larger) and 25% particles in three to 10 micron range, means this is less effective filter.


An expensive filter with minimum efficiency reporting value 7 to 8 can be more effective and efficient as it offers a good balance between filtration and cost. It can be beneficial for many homeowners, who are looking for efficient air filters NC or furnace air filters NC, This can be best choice for them as it traps 80 to 90% of particles (5 microns and larger). This is enough for many household filtration needs.

If you have many family members wit allergy and immune system issues, then spend more on cleanliness. You can look for high efficiency and MERV 11 filter to get air cleaned and protect your furnace.

High efficiency filters are always beneficial and work efficiently. They capture 99% of particles that presents in air in the form of pollen, fumes, viruses, and bacteria. Sometimes you need to run furnace fan for long time or full time to achieve the maximum advantages from highly efficient furnace filter and this may prove very expensive for you.

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Different Types of Air Filters

Do you know the exact purpose of using air filters? Many people would say yes, and their answer will be like “Air filters are to improve the quality of air and reduce the amount of allergens and dust in the air”. This may be right but not complete answer. The main motive of air filters is to protect HVAC equipment. This is the primary purpose to use these filters and that’s why many furnace manufactures suggest using quality filter. Air filters reduces the contaminants that move through air condition (HVAC), ventilation and heating system. These air filters clean the air and make it fresh to breathe. You should change air filters on regular basis as this is crucial to maintain clean air in your home or any space. You can buy filters as per your need, budget and HVAC system. Remember size of air filter matters a lot. A cooling or heating unit works efficiently when appropriate and perfect size filter is installed. In this guide, we have motioned types of air filters NC, have a look below:


Types of air filters

Flat Panel or Fiberglass Filters

These filters with Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) 4 rating can be used protect HVAC unit cooling coils and fan motors from grimy build-up. It is not reusable and has lower performance rating as compared to other filters available in market. There are some advantages of using it include affordable, sturdy, lots of size options and usability as pre or main filter.

Pleated Filter

This has high Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating. This can be an ideal option for those who have chronic respiratory problems lie asthma. It can be used in residential and commercial buildings as well. It catches allergens and dust particles very efficiently and resists their growth. This is sturdy and long lasting filter.


Window AC Filters

Window AC filters need to change on regular basis. These types of filters are available in varying Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating. You can get some filters that are reusable, washable and budget friendly.


There are some more options are available for bulk air filters NC and furnace air filters NC. You can find out right one for you easily.